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                  EN | CN

                  Production Space

                  Ingenuity Creation

                  JOC MAYANMAR GARMENTS CO.,LTD.

                  Located in Yangon, Myanmar, JOC Myanmar Garments Co., Ltd covers an area of 12 mu   and a building area of 8,254 square meters. With 980 workers and 9 sewing lines, the company has a monthly production capacity of 70,000 pieces of jackets and 120,000  pairs of pants. It produces brands such as ZARA, NEXT NICOLE/TEDDY, exporting to  Europe, the US, and Canada.

                  A4/F, Guanghua Plaza, No.8 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang Dist.Beijing,PRC 100026

                  Tel:(86-10)65814933     Fax:(86-10)65815423