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                  EN | CN

                  Production Space

                  Ingenuity Creation


                  Huabo Times Textile & Clothing Company Limited was jointly invested by Beijing Guanghua Times Textile & Clothing Co., Ltd and Beijing Guanghua Textile Group Co., Ltd. The company is located in the harbor city Pathein in southwestern Myanmar, 120 kilometers from the river mouth in its south and 150 kilometers from Yangon in its east.
                  Huabo covers an area of 30 mu, including 10,493 square meters of workshops and 1,550 square meters of storehouses. The company has 1,500 skilled workers, who can produce high-quality products. At present the company produces mainly ZARA and Bestseller and its main products are cottonpadded clothes and jackets. With 14 production lines, 4 cutting lines and 4 after-treatment lines, the company has an annual production capacity of 1,000,000 pieces, including 200,000 cotton-padded clothes and 800,000 jackets.

                  A4/F, Guanghua Plaza, No.8 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang Dist.Beijing,PRC 100026

                  Tel:(86-10)65814933     Fax:(86-10)65815423